2018, time for real change?


The latest turn of events in the country shows 2018 will be an exceedingly interesting one.

The political landscape determines the form or shape of development in a democracy.


ipledge to Nigeria my Country,

to be faithful, loyal and honest,

to serve Nigeria with all my strength

to defend her unity, and

uphold honour and glory

so help me God.


Which way are we heading this time?

President Buhari seems to be turning up the gear against recent criticisms while former President Olusegun Obasanjo

is equally “gingering up” Nigerians to thinking out of the box.

Will this spur PMB to address the issues mentioned in the famous open letter from OBJ?

Interesting times!


Bottom line.

We all have to put our hands on deck to help Nigeria PLC.  Brother, sister, mother, father,…everyone quarrels.

Courteous arguments are a common feat of successful implementations in the corporate and civilised world without need for ethnic or religious colouration.

The key is being each others keeper and remember the words of our National Pledge.

Our unity in diversity is a great competitive edge in the 21st century, that is sacrosanct.


One love


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