A New Nigeria is Possible – Aisha Yesufu


Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls Group BBOG Aisha Yesufu in this brief chat reveals the possibilities of a new and vibrant Nigeria, where equality will be the watchword.


You are championing the Red Card Movement. What does this new agitation seek to achieve?

A New Nigeria. Many Nigerians believe in God and pray to God and yet are easy to say Nigeria would never work. I always say to those people check your faith. Faith is not to believe and do nothing. Faith is to believe and work towards what you believe in knowing it can be attained. The moment has come where the realisation that this country belongs to us all and we must get it right has dawned on citizens. Let’s get to work. Register and let’s start.

A Nigeria where as a cleaner, you can have decent life. Your children would have access to free quality education. You would live in decent accommodation, have good public transport system and access to affordable healthcare.



How will this movement function?

Today we have Red Card Movement where we can come together and finally get the Nigeria we all have yearned for where good governance accountability and transparency with zero tolerance for corruption is the norm

The Nigeria that is possible when we occupy the office of the citizen and ensure that we vote for capable and competent leaders and then go on to work hand in hand with these leaders to get the Nigeria we know is possible.


Is a new Nigeria possible, given the myriad of challenges facing the country?

Well a New Nigeria is possible and so we have to dust our shoes and hit the streets to work. There is no enemy of Nigeria to blame here so we either do the work or face the consequences. A Nigeria where there is opportunity for all to be and reach whatever peak they want to get to. A Nigeria for all and not a few. We have the opportunity to have a New and better Nigeria. A Nigeria where there is equal playing field for all. A Nigeria where the child of a President and that of a policeman can sit in the same classroom.



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