Roger Federer is the Greatest of all time – Rod Laver “Tennis Legend”


Although Laver remains the only man to win all four Grand Slams in a single year and he did it twice, he has come out to say Roger Federer is the greatest lawn tennis player ever.


Laver said: “For me, I think Roger Federer is certainly the greatest player that has come along.


“Yes, we’ve got lots of great players – look at Nadal with a record that says, ‘I’ve just won 10 French Opens’, and you can’t sort of push that under the mat.


“But I think Roger plays his greatest tennis on the big occasions, on any surface.


“He’s stood the test of time. That’s probably the one thing that puts you in that category of the best ever.


“It’s just unusual to see a wonderful champion like that be able to win at age 36 after seven tough matches.”


Federer, whose triumph last year was the start of his amazing comeback from six months out with a knee problem, said: “I’m still a little bit confused that it’s all over and that I was able to do it and reach number 20 and number six here.


Source: Thesun

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