Senate declares Zamfara state as a ‘special case’ on issues of insecurity in Nigeria


The Nigerian senate on Wednesday singled out Zamfara state as one that requires special attention given the level of insecurity of lives and properties in the state.


Senate President Bukola Saraki while reacting to an appeal made by Senator Kabiru Marafa on the high level of kidnappings in the state said  the recent happenings in the state was dangerous and a clear breakdown of law, order and security. He said the security summit being planned by the senate will bring to the fore predominantly issues that border on security where governors and security agencies will be present.


“I feel the danger of what is going on in Zamfara and we agree that the security of you and your family is serious issue. What we have been discussing here has largely to do with the security infrastructure of the state and it’s a concern for all of us.


“There is clearly a breakdown of law, order and security, we need to take these issues to the summit where governors and security agencies will be present. We must confront ourselves with these issues to be able to find a solution.


“What I can assure you is when we do have this summit we must take Zamfara as a special case and extract from the Governor and security agencies, what is the way forward,” he said.


Saraki appealed to the senators to rally around the issues so that it could be resolved before it gets to the state.


“I think we should set up a committee to begin to look at some of these issues and see what we can do,” he said.



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