Nigeria will cease to exist if Buhari is given a second term in office – Ben Nwabueze


Elder statesman, Professor Ben Nwabueze has warned President Buhari against contesting the 2019 presidential elections if he truly has the interest of Nigerians at heart. Prof. Nwabueze also said Nigeria had become a failed state under the current administration and the most honourable thing was for Buhari not seek re-election.


“By all internationally relevant and accepted indices and indicators, and judged by the reality on the ground, Nigeria is justifiably categorised as a failed state, now ranked 15th among the ‘worst failed’ states in the world.

“If President Buhari is given a second term in office, God forbid that he should ever get a second term, Nigeria will cease to exist, except in the sense in which Zaire, under (late) Mobutu (Sese Seko) existed. That is as an idea without an existential content, a state existing only in name or the map as a mere geographical expression.

“I believe, however, that the country can be made to work again, as it was doing before, and to become a great nation it is destined to be, and a leading star in the affairs of the African continent and, indeed, the world. But, for that to happen, there has to be a change of leadership.

“It is gratifying that the Boko Haram insurgents have been dislodged from the areas over which they took control, but, it is equally sad that they still continue to kill, maim and brutalise large numbers of people and to destroy properties, resulting in the displacement of thousands from their homes,” he said.


Professor Nwabueze lamented the incessant killings going on across the country and called on the federal government to address it before it snowballs into an uncontrollable calamity.


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