Knowing Genuine Love: RMD Lectures on Social Media


You could be wondering why he is a major feature for major comedians around the country especially those who had their root or affiliation with Warri. The likes of Bovi, AY Makun and a host of others have had him on their shows to help add some intelligent vibes to their events. He has always lived up to the task. Of course, we were not too astounded on his inspirational vibes when he decided to explore the social media world in disseminating the inspirational prowess he had been endowed with. Of recent he took to the social media to lecture his followers on what true love really means. He has this to say:


“If I wasn’t the six foot and some more, successful, famous, somewhat good-looking RMD, will you still love me? If not for the level of fame I have achieved and the success tied to my brand will you still scream my name? If I was a middle-aged, gray bearded, emaciated applicant hoping to be your driver, will you give me a second look?”


If I was a half literate Warri boy who said ‘Nyam’ instead of Yam, “Shorsh” instead of Church and “I chock” instead of “I was shocked”, will you not mock and laugh at my speech? If I as RMD, fell on hard times, lost my fame and fortune, became helpless and hopeless, will you show any sympathy? I ask, not because I do not know the answers but so that he that has ears will hear and hopefully learn a thing or maybe, two. In your desire to be loved and accepted, it is important to ask ourselves how much of the love and admiration thrown at you are genuine. Know that many do not love you, they love the idea of you. It is the same people who sing your praises when you’re up, that tear you apart when you stumble, and stomp on you when you fall.


Don’t let the number of followers you have, the likes and comments on your pictures or the hype fool you, one wrong move and the vultures will swoop down to feast. This is why I appreciate the love but stay super selective when it comes to letting people in. I keep my circle small, in fact, very small. I keep my private life, private and thank God for the grace to also keep my public life private. Don’t put yourself out there and start crying foul when it blows up in your face and hey, STOP trying to sit with the cool kids, YOU•ARE•THE•COOL•KID!!!! Know this and elevate above the clique mentality. #RMDSaysSo #ElevateWithRMD


Maybe what society need from entertainers are such soothing inspirational lines like RMD just did instead of using the platform to expose family affairs and a host of things that should be kept private. Or do you have a contrary view? Let’s have your take.


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