Indices are there, Nigeria still in a bad recession – Orji Kalu


Former Abia state governor Orji Uzo Kalu says the country is still in a bad state of recession, despite the numerous statements by government officials to that effect.


In an interview with newsmen Kalu said President Muhammadu Buhari was putting every necessary stimulus into the economy to ensure that the country exits recession by 2019.


“When I see people who said they are economists saying we are out of recession, I say they don’t understand what they are talking about because we are not out of recession. Government already has a roadmap to be out of recession and I can assure you that this government is determined to see it happen.


“But, you can’t just tell people that we are out of recession; you can’t do that because the indices are there. What the president and the government are doing is to continue to pump in stimulus, which is what the economy needs to come out of recession. And I can see us moving out of recession in 2019.


“The president is restraining himself because if he opens his mouth to say what happened in NNPC or central bank, Nigerians will not feel good about governance,” he said.


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