Can Timi Dakolo Withstand the Heat of Sharing Private Life with the Public?


DakoloTimi_2018Timi Dakolo


He has always displayed his affection for his family on different platforms. His love for his wife cuts across virtually all his tracks from his hit song “Iyawo Mi” which in arguably shot him into limelight, to the “Vows”, down to “Medicine”.  In one of his recent tracks we see pictures of someone who is not just intimate but highly engrossed with love for his wife. He doesn’t just make of how much he loves his wife by mere words he also feature her in number of his videos  On social media platforms he has continued to portray that he is man that loves family life. Even his wife, Busola, has taken to the trend posting adorable pictures of their family on social media.


However, the recent one got us thinking when his wife posted on her Instagram page suggestive photo of herself with her hubby in what appeared to be the bedroom. She further went on to advice ladies never to ignore what she described as ‘playtime with the big baby.’ Sharing the photo, she wrote: “Do you sometimes ignore PLAY TIME WITH THE BIG BABY and keep doing your work, house chores, taking care of children? IT IS NOT ALLOWED @timidakolo my big baby #wivesbewarned”




What ran through many minds is that Timi is not known for these kind of pictures? He is imagined too decent to share such pictures even though it doesn’t expose some sensitive parts. Did Busola inform her hubby of her plans to post this on her handle?



Of course ladies find it difficult to keep the joy of intimacy they receive from their hubby to themselves, maybe she is just having a feel of it this time and decided to make it official? Many celebrities still have their stories to tell but would Timi’s be different? Would Timi be able to withstand the heat associated with sharing private life to the public if he or his wife or both of them keep churning out deep pictures and posts like this?



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