Turban: Styling Your Scarf for that Chic Look




At first you all thought that there is no attraction scarves can invite on you other than even diminishing your established gorgeous look. After applying that statement making make-over, you lined your lips with that glossy lipstick; you adorn your waistline with pencil trousers or skirt as the case maybe — with an appropriate top just to make it a wow; but now you just have to do a little bit of what you consider fashion diminishing — maybe you are heading to place that would require you to spin your scarf around your  head if you must fit in — maybe a church — and you find it a little worrisome, yet you must do it.

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You don’t need to worry any longer; you just need the appropriate scarf styling that would maintain that gorgeous look or even turn it up better. Turban scarf styling has always proven to be the right choice for classy ladies. Even at functions or places that don’t mandate you to spin a scarf, you can spin the turban styling there. You are concerned that people won’t see that stunning braid hairstyle you’ve just fixed if you spin the style. No, you don’t get it. You can drop some lines of your braid anywhere around your head before styling it, and definitely people would see the lines and admire you better.




And if you’re finding it difficult to spare time to make your hair when the one you have on is long overdue, you can style the turban to shield it from being seen by people.


Featured images source: amillionstyles; pinterest

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