FG mulls new tactics to fight corruption


The Federal Government is considering adopting a new application in its fight against corruption and other social vices.


Dr. Anthony Uwa, a data analyst and expert says the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN) would help in the generation of primary data across the country that would be applied to engender good governance and boost economic performance.

“The operation of the programme would generate information on every individual, all activities and issues in the country and extension of these outside the country.


“The system will recover all the money stolen and job opportunities will abound. This is part of the work that BRISIN is supposed to do for Federal Government,” Dr. Uwa disclosed.


According to him, the application had been on the Federal Governments table for over a decade.


“Federal Government is screaming over corruption, that a lot of money has been stolen and more are still being stolen. “But, if BRISIN, which has been on the drawing board after it was approved by the Federal Government more than a decade ago, is implemented, the government does not need to scream.

“Today, we don’t know how rich we are; we don’t know who carries our money, who and what brings in our money and what the money is used for?


“So, the opportunity of making Nigeria a great nation will not be there if there is no BRISIN. “This is what made other countries what they are today; that is why they are functioning well. Nigerians like going to America to deliver their babies because of the benefits. Why can’t we do that here?


“BRISIN carries a whole load of opportunities for health, education, development and employment, mostly,’’ the coordinator said.


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