Five Naija Most Requested Songs on Naija FMs (February Week Two)


Yes, we might not have been doing this or perhaps we just did one episode to wrap up last year, but we are back at it again. We are talking about keeping you updated as regards the most requested Nigeria songs on Nigeria radios by people living in Nigeria. It is not enough for your song to be banged on the radio frequently by stations’ producers to create that awareness you desire that your song should have; it also requires listeners to desire your song for their listening pleasure.



Some may even have your song on their phones, yet because of how much they are into it they would still call into the radio stations’ request programme to request for it so that others can as well feel the vibes.


Here are five top notch radio listeners’ most requested songs carefully selected across board. However, since request show is usually common in the western part of Nigeria, Lagos and Ibadan were carefully selected: Ray Power FM (Ibadan), Naija FM (Lagos and Ibadan), Beat FM (Lagos and Ibadan), Royal Root FM (Ibadan), Jamz FM (Ibadan), Thirty-Two Fm (Ibadan) and Splash FM (Ibadan).



At first we thought Reekado Banks and Tiwa Salvage has sworn not to have anything to do with each other considering how long they’ve been in the same record label, Mavin Records, without the two doing a major collaboration (we mean just the two of them alone). But they were quick to prove us wrong with their recent hit — “like”. The track, like, has been buzzing on different radio platforms and highly requested by listeners. It tops the chat of listeners most requested song.



Tu baba as he is now called though has his eyes on other things aside music and this is evident in the way he doesn’t release albums yearly or bi-annual like he used to do. However, anytime he decides to put out a track for his fans it hits the airwaves squarely. “Gaga Shuffle” has been making turns on listeners requests on radio. It ranks second.



Mayorkun still feels he is not done with the statement he is trying to make to his fans despite his previous track “Mama” buzzing the airwaves. He swiftly added to the statement “Che- Che”— a track now having much radio time and highly requested by listeners. It ranks third.



You can’t take it from Kiss Daniel when it comes to dishing out Music that finds a place in the hearts of listeners. His track “No Do” is rising in the song requests made by listeners. It ranks fourth.



Runtown is a peculiar dude with a peculiar style of Music. He knows how to use his style to carve a niche for himself. His recent track “energy” his highly requested on radio.


Featured Photo Credit: Spank Radio


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