Rita Dominick’s Love potion: MI on His Kneels for too long?


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Just last year when our team watched an interview Rita Dominic granted Trybe TV where she stated that she has in time past allowed a couple of guys access to her “mumu button”, and though it might be difficult to give chance to that again, yet she admitted, if true love surfaces she would give in.


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Meanwhile Jude Abaga popularly called MI one of Nigeria’s top rappers, hip hop recording artist, songwriter, record producer and chief executive officer of Chocolate City, since June 2015 has from his own clime continuously expressed his affection towards the actress, and in recent times made it public while granting an interview to GoldMyne, he said;


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“Rita, you know I’ve always told you how I feel, and you always think it’s a joke. For real, I’m on your Instagram page all the time. My love is for real, you know that, you know what I’m saying is not a joke. I know you think maybe I’m not successful enough or whatever for you, but all I have is love, I love you like no man has ever loved a woman before. Just give me this chance, that’s all I want, just one chance.”


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Would Rita keep to her promise that if she finds true love she wouldn’t mind switching on her love life again? Or were those just empty promises? Going through  MI’s lines,  he stressed how he has continuously mentioned his affection towards her but yet to receive any positive response. Maybe the classy 42 year old is trying to keep him close but with some matured distance.


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Perhaps she considers MI a one time best hip hop/best New Act at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards, and a nominee in the Best International Act category at the BET Awards 2010 status a little bit lesser to hers; it could be why MI stated that his success may not be that catchy to her, but what he has for her is true love. Now that MI has made his affection more public Rita might now consider it worth thinking about as millions of MI’s fans are just squinting their eyes on all social media platforms for her to address the issue. They feel their man has been on his kneels for too long for a babe.


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