‘We will limit publicity of our strategies against Boko Haram’ – Military


The Nigerian Military says it would henceforth limit the publicity of its strategies against fighting Boko Haram terrorists as such publicity was jeopardizing the war against the insurgents.


To this end, the military says it is asking for maturity in handling the media so that it does not speculate.


Defence Spokesperson, Brigadier-General John Again while speaking to journalists after  a three-hour meeting with troops’ commanders in the search for the abducted Dapchi school girls said operations regarding strategies to rescue the girls will no longer be publicized.


“To this end, he is asking for maturity in handling the media so that we don’t speculate. For instance there are some ongoing speculation that the military has employed the services of some fishermen and farmers.


“This speculation in the view of the Chief of Defence Staff, can jeopardise the operation and also endanger the lives of the girls as well as all those who are involved in the operations.


“While the military is soliciting for useful information from the well-meaning general public, the military has not singled out fishermen and farmers for this assailants; rather the military is asking for anybody that has useful information.


“What we will be doing henceforth is to limit the way we publicise the strategy used in the operations. Rather, we will communicate the successes of the operations,” he said.


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