Major Women Palaver on Public Road Transportation


Public transporters in Nigeria are always stressing that their women passengers are more trouble than their men passengers. They all have similar stories about the women they carry in their cab/taxi and bus.


Here are some of the problems cab/taxi drivers stressed that they have with female passengers:


  1. Adjustment Issue

One of the big issues identified by bus drivers is making enough space for other passengers to sit. Some women as described by majority of the bus drivers can be really annoying when asked to adjust for others to sit. They would occupy a large chunk of space, and leave a tiny opening for other passenger to squeeze themselves in. If they are told to make room for others to be slightly comfortable, there response is usually “I cannot adjust beyond what I have done”. We also found out that some male passengers also have problem adjusting for other passengers, but that of females seem to be on the very high side.




On the other hand, according to the bus drivers sampled, if is a female passenger coming into the cab or bus, no matter (most times) how wide the space left for her to seat is, she would still ask other passenger to shift so she can sit.


  1. Paying with Dirty or Torn Money

Some of the public road transporters complained that paying them with thirty or torn money is very common with women than men. According to the drivers, the women passengers would have clean and unworn money with them, but they prefer to extract the bad monies from the good ones to pay for their fare.


The drivers sometimes accept the money without confronting them, but when they do confront them, the reply from the women most of the time is “that’s the only money I have ooo…” Any further accusation from the driver or conductor would result, most of the time, in insult from the women.




Undesignated Bus Stop Palaver

The public road transporters said the issue of alighting in places that are not a designated bus-stop affects both their male and female passengers but women passengers seem to complain more.


According to the transporters, women would call the bus stop they want to stop before the designated bus-stop, and expects the vehicle to stop them before getting the designated bus-stop.


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