Reasons Bovi Remains the Man of the Moment


Bovi is one of Nigeria’s finest comedian, he has evolve into one of the most outstanding comedian in Africa from just performing on the television sitcom showed on Broadcasting Corporation of Nigeria (BCOS).




Many established and upcoming comedians point to Bovi as their mentor.  These are the attribute we found about him that his co-comedians and actors say they like about him:


  1. Research

According to Nollywood actor Richard MofeDamijo (RMD), Bovi has shown the world that Nigerians study.  His jokes are based on in-depth study and knowledge of things happening around us that ordinarily aren’t funny, but he has been able to transform them into what put smile on people’s faces.


2. Looks

Bovi always make sure his looks correspond to the comedy he has for the day. He is one of Nigeria’s finest when it comes to costume selection that matches his content.




3. Innovation

Bovi they say is innovative according to co-stars; he has shown that he is a master in the game. He is creative up to the extent that if he needs to incorporate music for his comedy to come alive, he will go all the way to work with a singer for his comedy to come alive.  He loves to spices things up.


4. Delivery

Bovi has always displayed a coordinated delivery on his shows; be it when collaborating with someone or when doing it alone.

They say one thing is for one to have all the materials on ground, but have a poor delivery.


5. Timing

He is also very good in his timing when performing. It is one thing to have a sound delivery; but the other is to do it and have the right response. It is not enough to deliver rightly, but doing it to have the right response is a better result.


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