Nigerian Youth and the deadly romance with drugs


The latest buzz on Nigerian streets lately has been “a combination of Methylated Spirit and Coca cola`s Coke” (a deathblow; no thanks to methanol poisoning) – an evil genius and an ultimate silent killer. This reminds one of a Rene Descartes` quote that states “the greatest minds are capable of the greatest virtues as well as the greatest vices”.


These happenings are not isolated, this virus took its time, though drastic yet not mystic. Nigerians are all culprits as they have contributed to the mess in this generation. All of a sudden, Nigeria’s “movie and music censor-authorities” have gotten vestigial despite several drug inspired sceneries and lines, it`s ironic that many wonder where the country’s under-30s got the Methylated-Spirit and Coke.


They opine that these mixtures will take them off the earth as well as off hell; at least momentarily.


Like an airplane so determined to escape to the clouds, they make no hesitation when they come across pain killers, cough syrups, pipes and many others.



Perhaps, you think the drug problem is only a street phenomenon, you are simply mistaken as this act has unfortunately found itself into some executive and maybe political space.


Hence, it`s now a collective challenge!


Unfortunately, Nigerian politicians now feature in questionable music videos, law enforcement agents act under “some form of influence”, some of them even stick it in your face when you travel within states.


The economy is taking its toll, unemployment is getting uglier (according to a report in Dec. 2017 by the National Bureau of Statistic – full time employment declined from 52. 7 million in the first quarter to 51.1 million people in the third quarter) insecurity and unnecessary loss of life: the Boko Haram insurgency, the Herdsmen attacks,… have all played their parts in driving the young crazy.


Failed Religious and Political Systems with little or no plan for the youths have all been implicated in this societal cancer.


Such organizations keep taking the exuberances of the youths as excuse for not carrying them along.


Nigeria`s politics has unfortunately reduced the youths to political foot soldiers whose only good is to count ballot papers or steal them.


Educational systems are almost a crap – highly expensive, grossly inadequate and with limited facilities as well as unmotivated tutors, who sometimes forget that they are to impart virtues into these younger ones and not just teach Mathematics!


All have contributed to this reckless development and the corrective measure must be a holistic one.


Featured image Credit: CTV News

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