Osinbajo: ‘Buhari’s visit to Benue, Zamfara will not bring back the dead’


Nigeria’s Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo has come out to defend the inability of President Muhammadu Buhari to visit troubled spots of Benue, Zamfara and Yobe states where hundreds of Nigerians have lost their lives saying his visit cannot compensate for the lives lost so far.


Osinbajo while speaking to media men in Lagos on Sunday night said the Benue killings was a ,assive tragedy for the country which should be condemned in very strong terms.


”​Benue killing is one set of killing far too much; there is no amount of condolence that can compensate for that. And I want to say that it’s a massive tragedy.


​”​I’ve been to Zamfara, I’ve been to Adamawa when this killing took place.​ ​I even visited Benue in September where there have been killing before; then I’ve visited them when the flooding took place and we looked at all the issues and tried to address many of these,” he said.


He assured that the government is making efforts to address the current security challenges in the country in a more robust manner and assured that the police was doing this effectively.


”​We have to address the security question in a much more robust way; that the police are able to do these effectively.


​”​We have deployed the military to Kaduna, two battalions to Kaduna. In Benue and Taraba axis, we have the 93 battalion, we have 72 Special Forces.


​”​We have full concentration in Taraba and all of that, and by the way, the military is fighting in most of the North East. So there is a situation where the military is overstretched,” he said.