Unemployment in Nigeria: A hydra headed monster


Unemployment is referred to a situation where potential workers or people in the working population of a nation are idle. Due to this ugly situation, many young women as well as single mothers go about the business of prostitution, in order to train their children and take care of themselves as well.


They see prostitution as the only possible business they can venture into due to the problem in Nigeria that have made things so difficult for them to handle.


Most parents, who are not employed, expose their children into various activities that will endanger their lives and that of their children’s lives and at some point, affect the society negatively. That is why there are crime issues on daily basis as if there is no solution. Most parents approves of their children’s crime due to the fact that they cannot make up to the daily needs of their children.


Graduates are not left out, as the desperate job seekers resort to engage in various activities and crimes, which will yield them income that will meet up their daily needs and as such, result to crimes such as kidnapping, armed robbery, rape, molestation and even acting as thugs for some of the politicians that will use them for their various unlawful activities.




Unemployment is a hydra headed monster which exists among the youth in all developing countries. Experts believe that the number of jobless youth is twice as high as official estimate. Nigerian youth are trapped by unemployment.


Furthermore, the rising tide of unemployment and the fear of the future among the youth in African Countries have made them vulnerable to the manipulations of agents’ provocateurs. Those include aggrieved politicians, spiritual demagogues and greedy multinationals that appoint these youths to achieve their selfish aims, the absence of process opportunities in developing countries is answerable for youth restiveness with disastrous consequences.


The unemployment situation in the country partly promotes insecurity. According to a World Bank statistics, youth unemployment rate in the country is 38%, but realistically, 80% of Nigerian youths are unemployed with secondary school graduates mostly found among unemployment rural population. While universities and polytechnic graduates make up the figure. Since an idle hand is the devil’s workshop, most of our unemployed youths are now the tools being used to destabilize the country. Attesting to this is a report of a foreign journalist which revealed that the insurgents in the north lure idle youths into the group through pecuniary gains.


Lastly, unemployment coupled with the ever-widening social gap was what prompted the youth of Niger Delta to pick up arms in protest. Considering the lack of value, with our Nigerian currency, one cannot boast of buying something tangible, at the same time nothing is provided for the youth to satisfy their want, which leads them to engage in various activities that will yield them quick money so as to solve their want. The insecurity problem will disrupt from here since they will engage in these act not minding who gets hurt. So government has to come in at this point so as to remedy this problem.


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