Nigeria needs Biafra for technological know-how – Minister


Nigeria’s Communications Minister Adebayo Shittu says former Biafran engineers who served during the Civil war should be traced so as to tap into their ingenuity of technological know-how.

Shittu made the call while speaking at the commissioning of Technology Orientation Centre, built by the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) in Abuja.

According to the minister, there was so many innovations from Nnewi and other parts of eastern region then to suggest the technological prowess of the then Biafrans.

“I recall that during the civil war, we had so many innovators from Nnewi and other parts of eastern region then. So many people, who didn’t have university education, developed so many technological infrastructure in the East”, Sun quoted him as saying.

“But it looks like after the war, they were forgotten. I think Nigeria should look for these great minds that may not have had university education but in terms of innovativeness, they sustained to a great deal the then Biafra Republic Army,” he said.

He called on NASENI to move beyond the elite environment and look for these people who according to him are going to add great value to what NASENI has been doing.

“Again, there is need for us to start challenging ourselves. Number one, up till today, toothpicks are still imported; serviette papers are still being imported. Up till today, so many small things are still imported into Nigeria.

“It’s not enough for us to look for the big targets in terms of engineering infrastructure. I think we should not leave behind those small items that we need on daily basis,” he added.

Photo Credit: NAN

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