Saraki: ‘We will ensure women take the driver seat in 2019’


Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki has assured that the National Assembly will ensure more women participation in politics as the country go into another election year in 2019.


The senate president while playing host to the Conference of Nigeria Female Parliamentarians in Abuja yesterday lamented the low inclusion of women in the nation’s democratic space.


In a press statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Sanni Onogu, Saraki said the National Assembly will see what it can do to ensure that as the country go into 2019, it will be a year that will change the level of participation of women in politics in Nigeria.


“Anybody in this country today will agree that from the statistics you have given out here today, it is clear that definitely, we are not doing enough in the inclusion of women in politics and governance.


“We must change and turn the tide in this direction. We cannot continue with this low level of participation.


“What I want to assure you is that you have my full support and the full support of the  National Assembly to see what we can do to ensure that as we go into 2019, it will be a year that we will change the level of participation of women in politics in this country.


“The challenge we have is that such an action is something that must be done collectively. We will champion it but it is something that requires all of us to work very hard for it to happen.


“I believe that what we will do is to make it clear that it must happen. It has to happen and it is in the interest of this country for it to happen.


“We want to reassure those that have fears about it that there is nothing to worry about. It will only strengthen our democracy and make our country better.


“I am convinced that your visit is timely that in this 2019, we must make a difference. We must see a real change in this area,” he stated.


He charged the women to begin to demand from political parties and candidates that they must tell Nigerians what their policy is on gender affirmation.


“You have the votes, at least you have 46 – 48 per cent, let your votes do the work and if your votes do the work, then you will make the work easier for all of us.


“It is time for you to mobilize and work for it because it is important. A lot of us who have had the experience have found out, without any bias, that generally female politicians/parliamentarians are very committed, hardworking and more importantly very consistent and loyal.


“I think when you build a country and you build a political space, what is important is consistency and sometimes loyalty,” he said.


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