Afenifere reveals who it would support for President in 2019


Yoruba umbrella group Afenifere has revealed that during the 2019 general elections, it would only support a candidate who would ensure Nigeria is restructured in order to bring home the dividends of democracy.


Yinka Odumakin, the spokesperson of the group said the group took the position stemming from the failure of the Buhari led administration to fulfill any of his campaign promises.


According to Mr. Odumakin, the government having spent three years without carrying out restructuring will not do so before next year’s election.


“We wanted the country to be restructured so that we can start on a fresh slate, the government that spent three years without carrying out restructuring, I doubt if it will do so before next year’s election.


“Therefore, in the next election, we are going to bring in a government that will restructure Nigeria on the path of productivity.


We need to try other hands in order to move the country forward and stop the killings going on across the country at the moment.”


Odumakin said though the president had every constitutional right to seek re-election, Nigerians also have the choice of voting him in or out.


“We are so tired of their rhetoric, and their words mean nothing, and they say anything in order to get votes. Now, he has shown the politician in him.


“He has the right to seek re-election, likewise, Nigerians have the right to vote for him or reject him,” he said.


Photo Credit: dailypostngr

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