Junaid Mohammed describes Buhari as ‘horribly limited President with no ability’


Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has been described as the biggest disaster in the history of Nigeria.

A second republic lawmaker and frontline northern statesman Junaid Mohammed made the assertion while been interviewed by journalists recently.

Mr. Mohammed while flaying the Buhari led government for ineptitude and lack of administrative prowess also described the President as ‘‘horribly limited President with no ability’.

“The country is in turmoil. The country is essentially ungovernable. The country has no leadership, politically, economically or otherwise. And the appearance, unfortunately, as it was, through free and fair election of the Buhari government in 2015 has now turned to be an unmitigated disaster. We have a president who is horribly limited, no ability.

“And I am not surprised that his governance has turned out to be the biggest disaster in the history of this country. So, whatever you say doesn’t deny the fact that we are in serious trouble because we have the wrong leader, we have the wrong group, we have the wrong party.”

On the state of insecurity in the country he said; “He (Buhari) is responsible for the security of every Nigerian wherever he is in this country. So, don’t deceive yourself. If you want to buy into his propaganda, you are welcome to do so.

“But I am telling that the welfare, peace and security of people in the North-East is his responsibility and not those of you who are living in Abuja and are comfortable because Abuja is safe enough for you.”

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