Application for Nigerian passport records 80% negative growth


The Nigeria Bureau of Statistics NBS has revealed that applications for Nigerian passport recorded an alarming 80.43% negative growth in 2017, fueling speculations of a receding economy.

The figures which was contained in the NBS Immigration Statistics for the year 2017 showed that 3,684,288 passport applications were received in 2016, compared to a meagre 720,958 passport applications received in 2017.

“This represents about 80.43% negativicirnigeria.orge growth. 127,882 of the 2017 figure are minor, 544,473 are adults and the remaining 48,603 are senior citizen,’ the NBS said.

The number of visa issuance at the foreign missions also stood at 115,150 according to the report, representing 11.95% negative growth.

The number of lost and stolen passports re-issued in 2017 was put at 13,450,” it added.

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