NASS invasion: Official complicity must not be ruled out – Senator


Last week Wednesday’s invasion of the National Assembly by hoodlums where the mace in the senate chambers was carted away has continued to generate comments as some lawmakers believe it could not have happened without the knowledge of some government officials.

Plateau state Senator Solomon Lar who lent his voice to the matter said the invasion was a plot to instigate the removal of Senate President Bukola Saraki from office.

Senator Lar bemoaned the manner in which the hoodlums gained entrance into the complex unchallenged and subsequently left with the mace without any resistance from the security agents stationed at the National Assembly complex.

“There are at least five different gates one can pass through before entering the Senate chamber. Are you saying no one saw the senator on suspension and the hoodlums as they headed into the chamber with a view to alerting security operatives?

“They went in, took the mace and went out unchallenged. I have no doubt that there is official complicity in this matter and this has raised the issue of insecurity at the National Assembly, which means anybody can just walk into the Senate and shoot a senator.

“it has also raised the question about the dependence of the NASS on the executive arm, because you can’t claim to be an independent arm of government making independent decisions that are supposed to checkmate the executive arm and then we have civil servants from the executive arm working with the NASS and sabotaging the National Assembly,” he said.

Photo Source: The Guardian Nigeria

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