Ten or More Years Anniversary: Boko Haram and Sambisa Forest — the Tragic Truth



It is almost spanning to a decade, if not more since the Boko Haram insurgence started operating in Nigeria officially. With the boldness of Boko Haram and the holdover Nigeria, if they so desire, it will not surprise me if they decide to celebrate their ten years anniversary. So much is the boldness of this sect also, that I won’t be surprised if they eventually announce to the Nigerian populace the venue, invite delegates from the presidency, lawmakers, the Nigerian military, and the general public because they know from past experience that nothing whosoever can be a threat to the occasion. Boko Haram in the past is known to issue warnings to the residence they want to attack and eventually carry out the onslaught without any interference. Returned kidnapped Dapchi girls and left without any disturbance from the locals, military forces.

Ten years anniversary, ten years of holding the country to a standstill, ten years of giving the Nigerian populace a real hint of the strength of their military since we have always bragged that we have the most dreaded force in the whole of Africa, now we know how dreaded our military is, don’t you? Of course, you will argue that it is because of the disunity in the force stemming from ethnicity and religious polarities that condensed the force into being unable to tread on the evil gang. Yes, you may be justified in that argument, but at least they have given you a bite of how to polarize the Nigerian military is when it comes to matters of faith and ethnicity — those override the state’s interest.

Another thing worth mentioning is the ten years, if not more than ten years, of fame that Sambisa forest has recorded since the terrorist sect picked the place as their residence. Before Boko Haram started using the place as residence little is known about Sambisa, and little is probably known by the dwellers around the vicinity but the sect single-handedly rose the forest into fame — a tragic fame you may like to call it and they disembark all they consider intruders into their domain. They have really created a sovereign state. Hurray!


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