APC has demonstrated it is a worst alternative in 2019


Kaduna state Senator Shehu Sani says the All Progressives Congress APC has demonstrated that it is the worst alternative to good governance in Nigeria.



Sani who was speaking on a media show said the inability of the APC to successfully organize state congresses was a reflection of its internal wrangling that is threatening to consume it.



“The party was supposed to demonstrate that it is a good and better alternative and that it can control its members and carry everyone along.



“But the reality is that the APC as a party has failed to organize congresses… All that they did was simply to pretend that there was one and at the end of the day, write lists in a hotel and submit it to the headquarters as the list of delegates,” he said.



According to Sani, the congresses were supposed to showcase the party’s internal democracy, it was also supposed to showcase that the party has come of age and it was determined to set an example and to inspire others to follow.



Photo Credit: Daily Post Nigeria

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