Former PDP:  ‘There is a toxic atmosphere of intimidation and threat to life’


Some former nPDP members have revealed that it appears there is a fouled and toxic atmosphere and environment of intimidation and threat to life in which they now find themselves which may no longer be conducive for members to continue with the talk with the ruling APC.



Abubakar Kawu Baraje, in a statement while reacting to the allegation leveled against the senate president and his subsequent invitation by the Nigeria police said the action suggests an attempt to undermine caricature and humiliate the institution of the legislature.



“We recognize the powers of the Police to conduct criminal investigations but by rushing to the public with the issue even when they have unfettered access to the leadership of the National Assembly suggests an attempt to undermine, caricature and humiliate the institution of the legislature.



“The persecution of our members using state security apparatus have continued unabated,” he said.



On the current negotiations between the group and the presidency, Baraje said it was evident that the presidency was not keen on the talks.



“However, while we are truly and earnestly committed to achieving reconciliation, harmony, truce and cohesion in the APC as we approach the 2019 general elections, it is appears that the Presidency is not interested in the talks and that they may have been negotiating in bad faith.



“We were alarmed that immediately after our meeting with the Vice President last week, the presidency misrepresented what transpired at the meeting by trying to blackmail some of the principal actors involved in the discussions in a national daily,” he noted.



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