Nigerian Police Force have gone berserk – Senator Lidani


The Nigerian Police has once again come under the hammer of the National Assembly as lawmakers today berated the force for inefficiency and gross abuse of human rights especially against Nigerians.

While deliberating on a Bill sponsored by Senator Bala Na’allah titled ‘A Bill for an Act to repeal the Police Act CAP P18 LFN 2004 and enact the police reform and for related matters, 2018’, Senator Lidani expressed worry over the manner in which cops in Nigeria shoot at will with total disregard of the rights of civilians.

“The police force has gone berserk especially on the issue of human rights, we’ve had cases where innocent Nigerians have been killed by the police, they need to be held accountable for their actions,” Senator Joshua Lidani said.

Senator James Manager from Delta state while commenting on the Bill said it was unfortunate that the Nigerian Police can no longer withstand the security issues in the country which forces the military to come into action even though it is not their fundamental duty.

He said even if State police is created, there still be need to restructure the Federal police because it will still stand to oversee the State police.

Senator Barnabas Gemade form Benue state said there was no doubt the Nigerian police need reform and restructuring.

Going further he said; “The head of the police force has consistently been found wanting, the IGP has constantly not appeared when summoned for security issues, even after the killing that took place January 1st in Benue.”

Senator Francis Alimikhena regretted that the police officers today can’t act on information, they cannot properly interrogate suspects, some cannot write and they are the same people that handle rifle to protect lives and properties.

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu who presided over plenary today while passing the Bill for seconding said the senate have committed to finding a solution to the Policing problem that exist have in Nigeria.

”Presently, we have decided to address the issue of State and Community Police, and I am happy to announce that we have done sufficient work through the Committee on Constitutional Amendments where we will look at the final draft of the Bill later.

“While we are doing that, it is also absolutely necessary to provide this ‘First Aid’ to this troubled situation. Therefore, I believe that this would help to keep things going until we are able to find a permanent and world class solution that will provide the security that is predictable and efficient for the people of our country.

“I want to thank you for this intervention, and I hope that it provides the necessary First Aid until we are able to provide the solution through a Constitutional Amendment that will ensure that every life and property is protected.

“Until we do that, we cannot say that we have performed our duty to our people — because as government our primary responsibility will be the protection of lives and properties and the provision of welfare for our people.

”As I said, while the Constitutional Amendment for State and Community Policing will be going on, this will help to provide some succor in terms of making the institution of the police more efficient,” he said.

The Bill was read and passed the second time and referred to the senate committee on police affairs to report back in four weeks.

Photo Credit: First Post Nigeria

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