34-yr-old Presidential Aspirant for Youth Party Unfolds Agenda


According to report reaching us the presidential aspirant on the platform of Youth Party (YP), Mr. Patrick Bamidele Oludare Jr who is a vibrant and ambitious 34-year-old has said the growing youth population in the country is enough to transform the country’s economy if properly deployed.


Oludare disclosed this in Akure, Ondo State, yesterday when he announced his aspiration to youths drawn across the state three senatorial districts who paid him a courtesy visit.


According to him, “There are several elements that are needed for the economic progress of a country, some of which include skills, opportunities, productivity, reward system and credit facilities.


“The right use of these key elements can make a country to achieve greatness at a faster rate. Nigeria is a country of enthusiastic youth population that is ready to work productively to sustain themselves and generate income for their immediate families.


“With this attitude, it becomes an easy task to create a strong economy for the country by expanding job opportunities for its working population.”


Oludare said he had prepared a two-package plan that could be used to create decent jobs for Nigerians, and an economic giant, Nigeria is one of the greatest countries in the world.


“One of the plans is referred to as ‘geometric improvement in credit status’, while the second plan is what I termed ‘bank-initiated market or funding solution to credit crunch’.


“There is a need to improve the credit rating for all prospective and current business owners. This will afford them the means to expand their business, and be able to earn more revenue.


“As these businesses expand, they give room for more job opportunities. The aim of these ideas is to improve home-grown businesses, factories and organisations from a very small scale of operation to a large scale of operation.


“With this plan, it will be possible to create up to 10 million thriving businesses for Nigerians,” Oludare highlighted.


Source: Thisday

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