Tonto Dikeh Reveals What She Will Do If Her Son Ever Comes Home With Earrings On His Ears

Tonto Dikeh and her son
Tonto Dikeh is known to be very much in love with her son, King Andre and can go to any length to make him happy and very comfortable.
She is also known to be really fond of showing the boy off on social media every now and then proving that she is undeniably a doting mother.
However, even with all the love she has for the boy, Tonto has now revealed that there is one thing she will never allow the boy to do and that is to wear earrings.
In a post which she made her Insta stories, Tonto revealed that if her son ever comes home with earrings even at 18 years old, she will teach him a lesson he won’t forget including landing him hot slaps.
She wrote: “Even at 18 years old, my son comes home with earrings on his ears as part of a trend or fashion or for whatever purpose his little brain has deceived him to do it, BRUV, I’M SLAPPING THE SHIT OUTTA HIM IN MORTAL COMBAT STYLE

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