How Woman Almost Killed Herself After Being Dumped By Lover Of 12 Years In Lagos



A 35-year old lady who was dumped by her lover drank a substance in Lagos in order to terminate her life for being jilted by her lover at Gowon Estate, Lagos, where she resides with her eldest sister, PM Express has reported.

The woman identified as Vicky, had a relationship with one Enalka which lasted for 12 years before he dumped her and married another lady.

It was learnt that Enalka and Vicky had initially agreed to get married to the extent that Enalka had gone to her family in Owerri, Imo State to perform introductory rites before they will do the traditional marriage proper.

However, along the line Vicky suddenly became fat and lost her shape which reportedly had attracted Enalka to her.

It was gathered that Enalka complained and asked her to find a way to reduce her size which he detested to no avail instead Vicky was adding more weight.

Then, Enalka was said to have secretly engaged another lady consummated the marriage and dumped Vicky.

When she eventually heard about Enalka’s marriage, she was shocked. When she was unable to bear it any longer, she drank poison in order to terminate her life.

After taking the substance, she collapsed. Her friends rushed her to an undisclosed hospital where she was revived and she opened up on what led her to drink the substance.

Since the incident happened, the family members and friends have kept watch over her.

The matter was reported to the police at Gowon Estate and Vicky was made to sign an undertaking that she will not try such again and if she does and dies that nobody will be held responsible.

When P.M Express correspondent contacted the police at Gowon Estate, some of the officers who knew about the suicide attempt said the police have since started monitoring her movement and counseling her to move on with her life.

According to her friends, the incident traumatized her to the extent that she detested men and have sworn not to have anything to do with men in her life again.

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