Female Drunkard Brutally Raped To Death (Sad Photo)



A 37-year-old female drunkard raped to death, according to reports, have led the police in Ghana to the arrest 4 people, including a middle-aged woman.


The deceased identified as Naomi Opoku, who was described by many as a drunkard – is believed to have been raped to death after a bout of drinking in a bar at Buokrom Limex Quarry suburb in Ghana on Saturday, December 30.Her body was found in the area the following day.
But preliminary police investigations reveal the body of the deceased was dumped in the street after the act.
The four suspects were arrested on Monday and they are currently assisting the police in their investigations.

Police sources say the deceased went hawking plantain chips in the vicinity but got drunk at the usual drinking spot she frequents.

She was helped into a room in the house that also houses the drinking spot by two siblings living there.

According to reports, the two siblings returned to the room to see the deceased had been raped by one of the arrested suspects and others who are at large.

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