Eye Saw – Kogi State Community Destroyed By Erosion


While politicians are busy fighting for next election and farmers praying for rain, it’s a different prayer for Ubi-egbe community and other local communities in Idah, Kogi State Nigeria.

In every wet season, Ubi-egbe and other communities in Idah local government area of Kogi State, are faced with heavy flooding. Over the years, due to floods families have lost many lives, properties, access roads washed away and basic amenities destroyed.


Kogi stategully



These floods have caused gully erosion measuring 100m by 35m in width and height respectively while covering a length of about 3.5km to Inachalo Rivers. Last year many residents were rendered homeless.




This year wouldn’t be an exception as its currently expanding and nothing has been done to curb this situation.




Politicians while you are thinking of next election in your mansion remember your negligence towards social responsibility is affecting the masses.




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