COVID 19: This is the best time to lockdown Nigeria – FG


The Federal Government has expressed sadness over the lackluster attitude of Nigerians towards the corona virus pandemic describing it as “a romance with COVID 19”  which doesn’t look good for the country.

While briefing the nation during the daily briefing in Abuja on Friday, chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID 10 and secretary to the government of the federation Boss Mustapha said that though a return to lockdown might not be popular, it was the right thing to do considering the attitude of some Nigerians to the virus at this time.

“I know it is an electioneering period for some states in Nigeria and people would want to congregate but we must begin to device others means, especially for those that are contesting for this offices by the time they got there may end up spending their resources in their states to deal with the problem they would have created.

“I am a politician and have been in this business for about 40 years. “But I can assure you that I would not attend any political rallies. “I would use other mechanisms of reaching the electorates. But to congregate in a political rally for what?

“If it were within my powers this is the time to lockdown. “Lockdown might not be a popular thing but this is the time to lockdown because I can see the attitude of Tom and Jerry, we are already romancing with COVID-19 and it is not good”, he said.

It is still not clear when the restrictions will be completely lifted in Nigeria, as there is still a ban on interstate travel as well as domestic air travels.

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