Hushpuppi arrest: Only a few dents Nigeria’s image – Abike Dabiri


The Chairman of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa has reacted to the recent arrest of Ramoni Igbalode aka Hushpuppi by the Dubai police.

The flamboyant internet figure was arrested a few days ago by the Interpol along with 12 other cyber criminals on allegations of fraud involving 1.6 billion dirhams ($435 million).  
Police said the suspects were arrested in a special operation dubbed “Fox Hunt 2” that revealed a hidden online fraud network that was committing crimes outside the UAE.

In a series of tweets, Abike Dabiri Erewa noted that crimes perpetrated by Hushpuppi though grave, does not reflect the image of majority of Nigerians who are hard working.

“Committing a crime and still having the audacity to show off. Ramoni Igbalode aka Hushpuppi. This is really denting to our image as a people, but like I always say, fraud does not represent who we are as Nigerians. Hardworking. dedicated, committed.

“Whether your name is Ramoni Igbalode or Invictus Obi, crime is crime. The law must take its course. To those countries, another Nigerian has committed a crime. While we will call out those who soil our image, we will always celebrate the millions of Nigerians making us proud,” she tweeted.

Police said they seized more than 150 million dirhams in cash and confiscated 13 luxury cars. They released a video detailing how the arrest took place. 
The gang is accused of creating websites that look identical to those of well-known companies and banks. Through these platforms, people were deceived to send emails and messages that prompted them to log in or transfer payments to the gang’s bank accounts. 
Hushpuppi often posts pictures on social media with his luxury cars including a Ferrari and Rolls Royce and a private jet.

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