Boko Haram executes five aid workers in Maiduguri


Boko Haram terrorists today executed five aid workers who had been held hostage for more than one month in their enclave.

The sect released video footages of the execution blaming the government for not acceding to its request for a ransom of $500,000 it demanded for the release of the abducted aid workers.

Speaking in a message, one of the terrorists said: “to the infidels who are using you to cheat and turn our people into unbelievers.

“That’s why whenever we abduct you, they don’t care about you. Our advice is that you should repent and turn to God, or else we shall continue to kidnap you all in the routes that you traverse.

“And if you don’t heed to our warning, what is about to happen to these five aid workers would also be fate that will befall you too.”

In the disturbing video, the victims all in blindfolds were executed on the orders of one of the terrorists.

The humanitarian workers were abducted on June 29, 2020 while travelling from Maiduguri to Monguno.

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