Pathetic numbers of southern Kaduna deaths


620 Christian Lives Lost In 18 Months & 20 Days In Southern Kaduna

It is shocking to note that in the 565 days gone by or 1st Jan 2019 to 20th July 2020 (18 months and twenty days), Southern Kaduna had lost not less than 620 Christians; involving: 320 lives lost in 2019 and 300 lost in the past 200 days of 2020 or 1st Jan to 20th July 2020.

In 2019, the Adara Community and environs alone lost 240 lives and other parts of Southern Kaduna no fewer than 80; and in the past 200 days of this year (1st Jan to 20th July 2020), same Adara and environs located in Kajuru Local Government Area has lost 152 lives and the rest parts of Southern Kaduna 148 lives.

With the current rate of anti Christian butcheries going on in the State with the central Government of Nigeria and its security forces and law enforcement agencies doing little or nothing, the Christian populations in the State are at high risk of being completely wiped out in coming few years.

300 Christians Killed In Southern Kaduna In 200 Days

Southern Kaduna has lost no fewer than 300 defenseless Christians in first 200 days of 2020 or 1st Jan to July 20, 2020. Out of this figure, Adara Community and environs in Kajuru Local Government Area was visited with 152 Christian deaths while remaining parts of Southern Kaduna took 148 deaths.

In the past twenty days or July 1 to July 20, 2020, Southern Kaduna has further lost 107 Christian lives to Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen attacks or violence.

That is to further say that the total Christian casualties from Jihadist Herdsmen killings across Nigeria including Southern Kaduna, Benue and Plateau States and Igbo Land in the past 200 days or 1st Jan to 20th July 2020 have risen to 926 deaths; out of which Southern Kaduna lost 300 and the rest of the country recorded 626 killings or Christian deaths.

139 Christian Deaths In Southern Kaduna In 20 Days Of July If The Abducted Are Presumed Dead

Till date, too, the whereabouts of over 32 Christians including women, children, old citizens and others abducted by the invading Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen on 16th July 2020 in Mai-ido and other neighboring villages in Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State have remained unknown, raising strong fears of their possible death in captivity.

Four defenceless Christians including John Auta, Danjuma Bala and Christopher Ayuba were massacred during the attacks.

If they are correctly presumed dead in the Jihadist Herdsmen captivity, this would bring the total number of defenceless Christians killed by the Jihadist Herdsmen in Southern Kaduna in the last twenty days of July 2020 to 139 deaths.

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