Edo 2020: APC hurls attack at Wike

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The All Progressives Congress APC has accused Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike over claims by the governor that APC plans to postpone and rig the upcoming Edo elections.

Mr John Mayaki, Chairman, Edo State Governorship Media Campaign Council of the APC challenged the Rivers governor to prove his allegations which according to him was puerile and baseless.

“To start with, let him provide proof for anything he said. He cannot. How does the party that is not in power plan to ouster the police in Edo state? He meant to accuse us, but ended up insulting the Nigeria police force.

“I think they need to address the disrespectful and sickening way he spoke about them. This is not the first time that the governor has demonstrated pedestrian restrain in his words.”

Going further, the APC spokesman observed that, “The inane speculation cannot hold water, as we stand to gain no further advantage should Mr Obaseki leave office.

“Already, the state is against the man; you can tell from how there are more chickens in a poor farmer’s poultry than there were people at the PDP rally in Edo North. The sun has gone down on his government and the moon has refused to shine. These puerile narratives containing negligible fabrications cannot save their campaign.

Meanwhile, he added that the APC is more worried about the election postponement because the party knows that Mr Obaseki is capable of “every thuggish, violent trick in the book” and that a postponement of the election can only mean that the governor is “up to his old tricks again.”

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