Amotekun: FG, Akeredolu on collision course over operations


Ondo State Governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, on Wednesday, said the South-West Security outfit, Amotekun, would not be collapsed into the planned community policing of the Federal Government.

Akeredolu disclosed that Amotekun would operate on its own within the confines of the law establishing the outfit.

Akeredolu, who spoke during a live TV programme said discussion is ongoing to allow the Amotekun corps to carry arms even as they currently make use of non-prohibited ammunition.

He kicked against having a central command structure for the planned community as the agreement was yet to be reached on its operation and command.

“What we fail to agree on is operation and command. The operation and command of the multi-level of policing cannot be central. It is an idea that will come to be. There will be state police and at a point, the local government will have theirs.

“All of us combine together to ensure the security of lives and property. Community policing is a good idea. We must work towards having multi-level policing.

“The governor will not be the one solely responsible for the control of state police. It is not going to be a command to be headed by the governor.

“The state police will be answerable to the Council, a replication of what we have at the national level. The President is not in charge of the Nigeria Police. We as a council took the decision on who to appoint.

“Our major problem is where we have not reached a consensus among governors as to the right time to have multi-level policing.

“Ours is collaborative and not confrontational. We will collaborate and work together. We have deployed our Amotekun into the rural areas. That is where kidnapping is taking place. We recruited hunters who know the forest.

“It will not be accepted for Amotekun to be collapsed into community policing. We have a law that set it up.

“The law set up Amotekun and Amotekun is going to operate under its own laws. It is not going to be subsumed under any set up. We work together and collaborate. Whoever feels otherwise can go to court.

Akeredolu reiterated that the law creating state police was quite different from that of the south west security outfit.

“We have not yet agreed as what should be in the issue of ammunition. Amotekun is allowed to carry non-prohibited ammunition.

“Without ammunition, they cannot face bandits or kidnappers. We will continue to discuss the need for Amotekun to carry arms. Amotekun will gradually do its job until they are allowed to carry arm”

“We are not forcing the IG to understand. We have our laws. If anybody feels otherwise. he should go to court. Amotekun has come to stay

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