Reasons Why Most Nigerians Might Leave The Country When International Flight Begins Operation


Nigerians are known for their travels, and it’s said that, it’s difficult not to see a Nigerian in a successful country.

Nigerians travels around the globe and they are successful almost anywhere they find themselves. Moreso, with what’s going on in the country, a lot of Nigerians are already tired of the country situations. We hear all lot of people already complaining about job, food, increase in fuel price and others.

However, lots of Nigerians are more prepare than ever to relocate to another country. With what’s going on, when international flights starts operation, more Nigerians might likely leave the country than ever. Here are some reasons Nigerians might likely leave the country.

1. Low Job/No Job

Recently, there have been so many complains of lot of Nigerians being sacked from their working places, rendering them jobless. The Nigeria government have no provision for the common man living without job, no stipends for the jobless, no free education for their kids or those working and schooling, and no government available jobs to engage with. With all this no job, and no food, more Nigerians might likely go to nearest countries to find their daily bread.

2. Increase in Fuel Price and Commodities

With constant increase in fuel prices and food commodities, there will likely be hunger in the land. Now, fuel is what most businesses depend on in the country and with the increase in fuel price, transportation will be high, business operators will increase their prices due to impose increase of prices of commodities and productions.
Now, if there is constant increase in the fuel price, a lot of business will suffer due to high cost of operations and this might lead to the closure of such business because there is no constant electricity provided by the government. With this ongoing more Nigerians will likely close up their business and take it to other countries or leave to start a new life.

3. Scholarship

Ever since the Covid Lockdown globally, so many countries are making scholarships provision available for so many African countries. This is because many countries are in need of man power, and Africans are known to be major reliable source of manpower in most foreign countries especially the western world. With this scholarship given to Nigerians and Africans, many young men will likely leave the country for work and school purpose when international flights begins operation.

4. Medical Treatment
Some who are highly influenced might decided to go for medical check ups if international airport start functioning and to keep themselves off from the to take fresh air.
Businesses keep crushing and some people might prefer to find a greener pastures outside the country which might make people travel outside the country.

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