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With barely one month left for the 2020 big brother naija lockdown edition to wrap up, things are beginning to get out of control. Heightened emotions and eviction tension were rife in the air this week and things finally came to a head-on Saturday when Erica real name Ngozi Erica Nlewedim, under the influence of alcohol, confronted Laycon about his claims of kissing her.

Immediately after the Saturday night party, Erica who had tried having a conversation with Laycon several times during the week, cornered him in the kitchen, asking him to back his claims that she tried to kiss him multiple times with proof. Further incensed by his silence, she proceeded to insult and goad him, cursing him out, even going as far as transferring aggression to the other housemates who she felt weren’t on her side in the fight.

Her actions ultimately resulted in an automatic disqualification during the weekly live eviction show, following her previously earned two-strike punishment.

Social media has been abuzz since the disqualification was announced. There seems to be a clear conversation divide as most people believe her actions were clearly as a result of the influence of alcohol she had consumed during the party, and as such should be pardoned. Others think she went too far with the insults and should be held accountable for her actions, opining that big brother’s verdict was just.

Whatever side of the conversation you are on, it is worth noting that Erica had previously requested to see a therapist, which wasn’t granted. Was she under the influence of alcohol when she lashed out, is alcohol a viable reason, and should we blame Erica’s acting out of character on the alcohol?

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