New Lagos NURTW Caretaker Chairman accuses MC Oluomo of snatching his wife


Fatai Adeshina, alias Akeweje, the newly appointed Caretaker Committee Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Lagos State, has accused Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, the Chairman of the Lagos Parks Management Committee, of kidnapping his wife.

The claim was made by Adeshina in a candid interview with The Punch.

Despite his efforts to make peace, Oluomo stole his branch and unit, according to the Caretaker Chairman.

When he ran for the NURTW Chairmanship with Oluomo in 2019, he stated their long-standing rivalry took on a new level.

Despite his popularity with unionists, Adeshina claims that the Lagos state administration chose MC as the chosen candidate and offered him a Vice-Chairman position instead.

His name was wiped out with a pen from the executive members list on the day of the inauguration, much to his dismay, because no post was offered to him.

“When he took over as the NURTW chairman in Lagos. The worst thing he did to me that made me part ways with him was that after his inauguration, I bought a foreign used car for N13m and took it to him as a gift.

“I added N10m to the car gift, but he rejected them. I begged him but he refused to make peace. I am not MC Oluomo’s peer and he knows this, but I prostrated before him to make peace,” Adeshina said.

The Caretaker Chairman claimed that Akinsanya turned down the peace gesture because he was distracted by his second wife.

He accused Ronke Oshodi Oke, a Nollywood actress and a colleague, of assisting Oluomo in kidnapping his then-second wife.

“Yes, there was a lady called Ronke Oshodi Oke, a popular actress. She was a friend to my second wife. Though they met outside my residence, Ronke started visiting my home at one point. So, I challenged her and warned her not to ever step into my house again.

“Yes, Ronke was an associate of MC Oluomo and I know what Oluomo is capable of doing. When I challenged Ronke, she told me that she came to see her boss, adding that my second wife was her boss. I told her not to come to my house anymore because MC Oluomo and I did not belong to the same camp.

“My second wife and Ronke knelt and apologised, but after five days, I met Ronke in my house again. I was furious and I accused her of trying to carry out a mission in my house. I sent the two of them out of my house that day. To my surprise, Ronke took my second wife, who I sent packing, to MC Oluomo.”

Adeshina said his wife was housed in MC’s hotel for over one month before he purchased a house for her.

“Some concerned close allies at MC’s hotel in Oshodi phoned me that they saw my second wife at MC’s place. They asked whether MC and I had settled our issues, but I said we were yet to resolve our differences. They told me that MC had asked them to give my second wife a room in his hotel. She was there for one month and seven days in his hotel.”

“Yes, my second wife, Queen B. She stayed in his hotel for one month and seven days before he bought her a house. Unionists in the state know this story very well.”

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