INEC deploys more voting machines to the South-East, Lagos, and Kano in response to an increase in voter registration.


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has acknowledged that voter registration queries are on the upswing.

On Friday, Festus Okoye, Chairman of the Information and Voter Education Committee, published a statement.

According to state statistics, there has been an unprecedented spike in applications, as well as the challenges that citizens encounter.

On Thursday, all Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) convened to discuss the situation, he said.

Okoye announced the delivery of an additional 209 machines to the five South-Eastern states, as well as Lagos and Kano, where the pressure is the highest.

The electoral umpire vowed to keep a close eye on the issue over the next few days and meet again to assess the exercise’s progress.

INEC further stated that every effort would be made to enfranchise all eligible Nigerians.

“Every Nigerian over the age of 18 has the constitutional right to register and vote in whatever region of the country where he or she resides,” the statement continued.

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