Nigeria in the face of Insecurities, Kidnapping, and Communal Crises.


Where shall we begin!

To say that the state of security in Nigeria is deplorable is, to say the least. For the first quarter of 2022, the nation has experienced a surge in crimes, felonies, kidnapping, and terrorism activities. 

This may be largely due to the deteriorating state of the economy, as people are known to take to crimes and misdemeanours when things seem unfavourable. However, irrespective of the situation, the state of security in the country is and has become insecure.

How shall we begin to explain all the deadly roads plied daily by Nigerians? Even more so, roads filled with pot-holes have become kidnappers’ dens and unplyable for everyday people. 

In fact, the police department of Lagos state recently released strategic areas where robberies are carried out in the state, urging Lagosians to stay clear and be vigilant. And certainly, this is happening in and around the major city of Nigeria.

Kidnapping is on an ever rise in the country, and as if that isn’t enough, the supposed leaders of tomorrow have taken to cyber-crime, ritualism and all sort of ill-mannered means to speed their way out of poverty. Meanwhile, the government of the day is more committed to the sustenance of their political seats and bogus undertakings.

About a few weeks ago, a planned coup – only that this time it wasn’t to overthrown the president of the nation- took place in Kaduna. It begs common Nigerian’s the question, “if the nation is truly governed by true strategical minds, not only in the administrative arm of government but in all of the entirety of this Nation.”

According to reports collected from major reporting outlets, a group of bandits was said to have attacked the Kaduna International Airport. Although the Nigerian Army base around the airport nullified this, indicating the bandits were meters away from the perimeter fencing of the Kaduna International Airport and that the guard that was shot was the one spotted on sight. However, news from other outlets claimed that the Airport had received treats a day before, asking that the Airport should be shut down and nothing else.

Whatever the case may be, the ensuing event could have been envisaged and completely avoided. Two days after the bandit’s “waka pass” and threat to the Kaduna International Airports, halting all operations at the airport, the bandits planted explosives on rail lines, kidnapping several Nigerians, and killed some prominent names in the country. 

Isn’t it evident that this attack was carefully planned and executed? It seemed like an opera, detailed and carefully planned from start to finish and our country’s intelligence team, knowing fully well that Kaduna to Abuja remains the deadliest road in the country at that moment, owing to the fact that the airport was shut down, no obvious water ways along the route, leaving commuters to find their way to the capital of the country through the public train, and BOOM, THE BANDITS HAPPENED!

Even if it wasn’t carefully planned, it should have been foresighted – after all, that’s what intelligence surveyance and defence are all about.

Apart from the anarchy going on in the North, due to the country’s poor economic state at large, there has been a rise in ritualism and illicit techniques to become wealthy – or instead make ends meet. 

In a country with over half of her population at a young age, one would think that such a nation would be striving industrially. Still, instead, the government is lavishing away on debts in China, while insurgencies, kidnappings and insecurities are rife in almost all parts of the country, .

As if this isn’t alarming enough, the President of the Federal Republic has said little or nothing about all this. No presidential address whatsoever, all we get these days are condolences from top offices instead of a mandate to secure and protect all citizens and curb these illicit acts from the office of Mr President. 

It is sad, really.

This begs the question – no better way to end this yarn than – “WHO WILL BE THE NEXT NIGERIAN PRESIDENT.” Because it seems as if this administration is done working, walking, running or talking. The insecurities, kidnappings and societal issues have become somewhat of a norm – as attention has shifted to the next presidential election. 

This isn’t to discredit the past administration; however, we think it’s time for Nigerians to look beyond their torn pockets and empty bank account when choosing the nation’s next president. 

This might be the turning point… or perhaps, ALUTA CONTINUAL!

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