Smart Adeyemi believes Senators will not abandon Ekweremadu – Organ Harvesting


Smart Adeyemi, a senator from Kogi West, has stated that despite the issue surrounding organ harvesting, senators would not turn their backs on former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu.

Adeyemi claimed that despite the charges of organ harvesting, Senators are working to figure out how to back Ekweremadu.

A minor was allegedly trafficked to the UK by Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice, for the purpose of organ harvesting.

The couple was accused of conspiring to set up and aid another person’s travel with the intention of exploitation, specifically organ harvesting.

Despite the couple’s plea of not guilty to the charge against them, a London court denied them bail and remanded them.

Smart argued that despite his struggles, the senators support Ekweremadu.

This is a very bad situation, Adeyemi stated in a Friday interview with Channels Television. Because he is one of us, it is very upsetting to everyone in the Senate. More significantly, though, is the fact that I am familiar with him and believe him to be a guy of tremendous worth, fortitude, and moral integrity.

“But having said this, I think it is too early to start apportioning blame as to whether he is guilty or not. All of us who are colleagues, are feeling the pains and we are standing with Ike Ekweremadu on this. We will not abandon him to this.

“Effort is being made by quite a number of Senators to see what we can do by way of giving moral support and any other support that is required.

“But we want to get get the full details of the case. The issues are that the victim was not of age, that he was below 18 years old, so he could not be seen to have had the right of determining as to whether he could offer his organs for someone else.”

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