“I wished I Spoke to Sound Sultan Before He Passed” – Burna Boy reveals regreat


Grammy-winning musician Burna Boy expressed regret for not speaking to the late Sound Sultan before his passing.

On the last song of his brand-new album, “Love, Damini,” Burna Boy made this statement.

The performer acknowledged that he needs to cherish people more while they are still living.

Extracts from the song read: “I should have talked to grandaddy before it’s too late.

“I should have talked to Sound Sultan more before he died. I should show people more love while they are still alive.

“I should always know the way my people feel inside.

“I’m trying to be a better man, I’ve been trying, I got it all but I still got my anger.”

iPledge2Nigeria recalls that  Sound Sultan battled throat cancer before being declared deceased on July 11.

The news of his passing shocked his supporters and well-intentioned Nigerians.

In 2000, Sound Sultan produced the smash song “jagbajantis,” which helped make him a household name in Nigeria.

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