Ekweremadu – Another political circus!


Nigerians have always known about the utter corruption of our leaders. The whole world knows about the kleptomanic tendencies of Nigerian politicians, but what we little realize is just how many of them do much more than steal.

There is a saying that goes: “He that will steal, will also kill”. The wisdom of the ancients still rings true till today.

As of the time of writing this, former Deputy Senate President of the Federation, Ike Ekweremadu has been in British custody for a little over two weeks.

He is charged with organ trafficking and conspiracy to willfully kidnap a minor. 

This is in addition to the unrelated case of celebrity Fraudster Hushpuppy awaiting charges of fraud and piracy by the American government.

But we digress. 

On his part, the Senator denies any wrongdoing, and insists that the victim was aware of the procedure beforehand and had given his consent. 

Whichever version is true, there should certainly be lots of hard questions and little sympathy for the politician. 


For the purpose of understanding the issue here, let’s examine the presidential aspirants, where Atiku Abubakar, Ike Ekweremadu, Bola Tinubu, Peter Obi, Ifeanyi Okowa (a physician), Doyin Okupe (a physician) have all previously served in various administrative capacities – Atiku Abubakar was vice president for eight years (1999-2007); Ike Ekweremadu served as deputy president of the Senate for 12 years; 

Bola Tinubu served as Governor of Lagos State for eight years(1999-2007); Peter Obi served as Governor of Anambra State for eight years; 

Ifeanyi Okowa, a medical doctor has served for seven years and one month as Governor of Delta State.

Most of those campaigning to replace Buhari and Osinbajo have had their opportunities to fund their state and federal Teaching Hospitals to functional Standards where they can be examined and treated. 

They didn’t.

Specifically, Ekweremadu, a lawyer who holds a doctoral degree in Law and has served the Enugu State Government in higher capacity has been in the Senate for 20 years. He was Deputy Senate President for three terms of 12 years.

In this capacity, he was also the chairman of joint Constitution Review Committee of the National Assembly. He presided over the first alteration of the provisions of the Constitution, among other strategic engagements. He had powers over so many budgetary issues including power to influence provisions for human services, namely, education and healthcare.

He is a product of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) that he is aware has a College of Medicine and a Teaching Hospital. 

What did Ekweremadu do from his exalted office for even the UNN Teaching Hospital; his almamater? 

Not a thing. 

Apparently, Ekweremadu and his ilk believe that only “ordinary” Nigerians should have to suffer bad healthcare services, while they and theirs jet off to developed countries with expensive first class healthcare facilities.

Also, the victim David might be thankful for the British police, what would have happened had it been in Nigeria where the procedure was performed? It’s doubtful the teenager would still be alive to tell the story. 

Ekweremadu and co. will be fine. Their chickens have finally come home to roost.

In the meantime, however, our healthcare system rots even further. 

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