Nigerians react to APC Muslim/Muslim ticket…


Nigerians react to APC Muslim- Muslim Presidential ticket 

Reactions have continued to trail the ruling party, All Progressives Congress  (APC) decision to field Kashim Shettima as the running mate of the presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu in the upcoming 2023 election.

Sequel to the announcement which was made last week, ipledge2nigeria spoke to Nigerians to feel their pulse on the Muslim- Muslim tickets. While some see nothing wrong with it, others believe it is a ploy to islamise the nation.

Speaking to ipledge2nigeria correspondent, Chief Joseph S. Undu a Poet/Author said that a Muslim -Muslim ticket at a time Nigeria is highly divided along religious fault lines is highly insensitive to the Christian faith. No doubt about that! But of course, politics is a game of interest. And if you fail to protect your personal or collective interest as a group, others will project theirs above yours.”

Explaining further, in 2015, it was we (Christians in the North and South) that led the chorus and the brutal onslaught against our own, President Goodluck Jonathan to be thrown outside the presidential villa on bogus allegations of widespread corruption! What is the situation today? Is any  Christian leader or any Muslim leader leading any protest against Buhari government over insecurity and appalling state of corruption in every sector of the economy?

Chief Undu stated that “Mama Peace, the then first lady cried out loud, warning us about the consequences of our actions, but we rather mocked her. We shouted at top of our voices, vote him out! vote him out! Sai Baba! Sai Baba!

Sai Baba was then described as a Messiah by so many Christians and even billionaire overseers.

That singular mistake of 2015 sets the stage for what we are seeing today. Our Christian political leaders are well aware of the several attempts in the past to foist the same faith ticket on Nigeria, but their lack of tact and vision could not let them do anything to avert it.

What have they done to forestall this in 2023? Nothing!

They sit idly waiting for others to act in the advancement of their religious and ethnic interest while they wail and lament after losing out.

“As a proactive and very pragmatic fighter, I act ahead of time to stop things I don’t like from happening. That’s why I am not a cry baby or a wailer. Medicine after death has never saved any person.

It’s better to be proactive than reactive. Our Christian leaders in APC, Northern Christian leaders, and of course, CAN have failed us! They all failed to project and protect the Christian identity and the Christian political interest in Nigeria, even though for a fact, we have an overwhelming majority! I stand to be corrected.”

A body divided against itself cannot stand! This is what the Bible tells us. Right now that the Christians in the North are condemning the Muslim -Muslim ticket, a group of Christian leaders in the South-South is hailing it as a bold move by the APC candidate. This is what people get when they are not united, when they do not have a common agenda and when they put their interest above their collective religious interest. Only God can save His Church in Nigeria, by raising very committed and courageous men and women to positions of influence to fight His cause. And not the compromised ones that we have at the moment claiming to be Christians in the news, but doing something else behind the scenes. 99% of Nigerian political leaders are pagans. Not true Christians and Muslims. May God fight His own battles in Nigeria.”

According to Olutayo Irantiola an entrepreneur, the Muslim- Muslim ticket has heated the polity in the last few days. I believe that a mix of both religions at the helm of leadership is fine.”

“We need to know that there is a need for a 2nd perspective in decision-making. Although, there are also situations wherein the President overrides the opinion of the Vice. However, in all, a mix is better for the nation.”

Explaining why the decision by the ruling party is a wrong permutation, the Founder United Breeds Foundation Anthony Abakporo noted that if religion is not a factor in Nigeria then, Deborah would have still been alive today. Nigeria has never been this divided. President Buhari’s one-sided appointments and body language created a huge division amongst tribes and religion.”

“For Senator Tinubu a Muslim to pick another Muslim is a wrong permutation. But is it his right to choose his running mate? And I advise all Christian leaders protesting to stop disgracing themselves. What are they protesting for when they have other options like Peter Obi?”

“This is not the first time the Senator is encouraging such melange. He wanted to be Buhari’s VP as was made public by Senator Saraki and some former APC chieftains.”

“So why is the church protesting? Except they are APC secret members whose stakes are endangered by the decision. I don’t have any issues with Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s decision, I just can’t vote for a Muslim/Muslim ticket. No well-meaning Nigerian would vote such with the current state of Nigeria. 

Nigeria is above party and politicians. Federal character is non-negotiable. Religious tolerance is civil, anyone contradicting these national pride, is not good enough around the corridor of power,” Abakporo added.

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