Owners with C of O in Ikorodu GRA Lagos Receive allotted lands back from Lagos State Government


The encroached portion of Ikorodu Government Reserved Area (GRA) Scheme III, which is located in Odonla, Lucky Fibre axis of Ikorodu, has been regained by the Lagos State Government.

Dr Idris Salako, the commissioner for physical planning and urban development, revealed this yesterday and stated that the state government had to evict the unauthorized occupants and give the affected area of land back to the original allottees who have Certificates of Occupancy from the Lands Bureau.

Salako claims that the action has become necessary in order to restore trust in government programs, honour the rights of the original allottees, and prevent scheme bastardization.

According to Salako, the government’s action was a response to the service of statutory notices, such as the stop-work order of February 4, 2022. These notices were prompted by the illegal separation of the property’s rightful owners from it, the unconscionable development by usurpers and land grabbers, and the deafening complaints of allottees.

He consequently urged unwary buyers to beware of such land offers and warned land speculators disguising themselves as “Omo-Onile” to cease further encroaching on government lands.

However, the ministry has said that going forward, its mobile app will make details of licenses issued available for public viewing (MPP&UD App).

According to Mrs Abiola Kosegbe, the ministry’s permanent secretary, all parties, including property owners and developers, will be able to access planning licenses granted on a monthly basis, which will include information like the type of use and number of floors, among other things.

She added that stakeholders would be able to check for compliance as well, especially with regard to the type of use and the number of units.

The permanent secretary advised them to alert the appropriate parties if any construction deviates from approved plans.

Stakeholders should be aware that provisional licenses, which were provided momentarily while the applicant’s property title was still being processed in the Lands Bureau, were only good for nine months, according to Kosegbe.

She claimed that the list of troubled and abandoned structures would also be posted on the app.

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