You can’t stifle Nigerians’ voice, activist tells Peter Obi


A human rights activist, Paul Njoku, has said that the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, lacks the right to stifle angry Nigerians from expressing their opinion about good governance.

Recall that Obi had in a statement urged his supporters not to respond to any politician or presidential candidate that makes comments about him.

Peter Obi wrote, “I most sincerely appreciate all my supporters and those of LP. I love you all. I wish to appeal to you to allow me to personally respond to any CANDIDATE that makes comments about me”.

Njoku, in a statement, said that it was wrong for the former governor of Anambra State to tell Nigerians and his supporters not to respond to attacks against him by other presidential candidates.

He stressed that such advice stifles the fundamental human rights of Nigerians with respect to freedom of expression, opinion among others as guaranteed in the constitution.

Paul stated, “It is very sad and unacceptable that the Presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi, is incessantly telling angry Nigerians and his millions of supporters across the nation not to respond to any presidential candidate who ignorantly denigrates or criticises his quest to lead Nigeria to the Promised Land.

“He should stop stifling the fundamental human rights of Nigerians with respect to freedom of expression and opinion among others as guaranteed in the Nigerian constitution.

I want to remind him that he is an intended labourer of the masses and an upcoming employee of Nigerians due to his perceived competence, merit and capacity to deliver Nigeria from her present unbearable situation by the Buhari-led Federal Government.

I, therefore, urge him to henceforth desist from telling his proposed employers (Nigerians) not to be engaging any presidential candidate as regards the murderous Nigerian economic situation as he lacks the right to issue such an unacceptable statement.

“I am convinced that Peter Obi does not utterly understand that the Obi movement is a new Nigerian movement for a rebirth of economic emissary and direct human capital development and growth.

“He must accept the fact that if millions of OBIDIENTS are rude and fierily disposed, they are responding to Nigeria’s 41 trillion naira debt.

“He should be told that Nigerians are responding to a dead educational system and responding to executive corruption in the corridors of power.

“He should know that Nigerians are responding to the gripping poverty all over Nigeria. They are responding to the political looters and the trillions stolen by the Nigerian leaders of all levels over the years”.

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